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Linda Verkamp

I have read most of Nourishing Traditions: the Cookbook and now must use some of the recipes and continue studying all the information in this valuable book!! Thank you Sally Fallon and Mary Enig for putting such a compendium of information together!. I'm also reading Eat Fat, Lose Fat of Mary Enig's with Sally Fallon and loving it and attempting to put it into practice......which, as warned, takes some redoing of one's lifestyle and eating habits, even tho I didn't think mine were so bad! They were! ; D Here is my question: Why liquid whey only? I have a lot of the powdered around and would prefer to use it if it is as good, but you (both, I think) recommend only using the liquid whey but I never could find an explanation as to why. I know the powdered has lots of lactose that the liquid doesn't, but it that the only thing that might be causing your reluctance? I did read that you are not recommending powdered milk or powdered eggs because the process to get the powder causes the break down of the fats in them and the resultant fat is then very unhealthy, but whey doesn't have much fat in it from what I can tell so am not sure that reason applies to it. I've looked online for comparisons but the results aren't very helpful: too general usually, or far too detailed in the chemistry. Would appreciate any help you can give me.

Mary Clare Preston

I tried the Sauerkraut recipe from Nourishing Traditions. I used a 2 quart wide mouth mason jar. The recipe says to cover the jar tightly, so I screwed the lid on tight. I think if I hadn't unscrewed the lid a few times through two days the jar would have exploded. Even after I had released the pressure a few times, after I opened the jar two days later the juice came pouring out - the contents had expanded. So my question is How tight should that lid be?

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