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September 20, 2007



Hi Sharon! There is nothing to re-balance. "Balance" and life are ever evlolving... there is no one state of being to get back to. You are a woman and evolving. You can nourish yourself in ways that often make the transition through your change more smooth. In the process it has allowed some women to possibly extend their chances of conception... I suggest you read this article on Cessation of Menses: http://www.menopause-metamorphosis.com/An_Excerpt-104-cessation_menses.htm I know you have not stopped, but believe the ideas in the article do apply. I am not very reliant on those hormone tests as again they only measure that which can be measured and in only one moment of time.

I wish you all the very best in manifesting all you feel wishes to be conceived!!

lov and blessings,
Karen Joy


I was hoping to ask a question- i am 46, have a 4 year old boy that was conceived naturally, and I beleive I have another child waiting to be conceived and born in me. i believe that what i see and feel can be manifested. However, my periods are now irregular, and recent blood tests show high fsh and lh. would hormone tests reveal that there are ways for me to rebalance my adrenal functions, if that is the case?

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