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August 16, 2007



Redhia, I am sure some feel as you do. I do know that some in menopause can relate to what I have shared and are in fact the ones who have helped teach me so I can pass it on.

love and blessings,
Karen Joy


>>There are many reasons women can feel a loss of libido, and I have to admit I have not yet gone through menopause so here can only speak from what I have learned from other wise women before me, not personal experience.>>

Yes, it appears that the problem is that you haven't experienced what the loss of libido through menopause is because you would then understand that the rest of your answer does not satisfy at all, does not speak to the issue. It is a loss of libido that is not like any other that you mention here in your attempt to be helpful. It is not "different." It is *gone*, plain and simple. That's all there is to it! The answer to the question "What does excite me?" is "Nothing." Excitement is not to be had. There is no arousal. And this is most likely because it is chemical. Hormones are chemical, messengers. So what can replace or stimulate or simulate those chemicals in the brain? That's the key. To continue to pretend that because menopause is natural is to ignore the fact that some things are not simply different but are actually missing; gone. Take that as a key starting point and maybe we will be able to get somewhere!

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