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September 09, 2006



I'l second all that, nettle and motherwort are 2 of my best friends right now. In March, the palpitations/panic attacks were so bad, I ended up in the ER to make sure it wasn't a heart attack. My blood pressure was up then,too. After deciding a diuretic was not addressing any likely causes, I started taking motherwort tincture, saw an herbalist and got some other supplement recommendations, then started the nettle on my own a few weeks later for some extra magnesium in non-pill form. My blood pressure normalized within a month and has stayed down. Palpitations have not been a problem, on the rare occasion that I have a slight one, a half dropper of motherwort takes care of it. As a side benefit from the nettles, my allergies are hardly noticable this fall.

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