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August 31, 2011


Sarah B.

Thank you all at Healing Wise for your wonderful work in sharing the wisdom of the wise woman way. I started six months ago with nettle infusion, with the intention of providing general nourishment. Interestingly, my hot flashes stopped and about a month ago I noticed the return of vaginal lubrication. Wow! I know many factors contribute to health, but I feel that the nettle infusion is what brought this to be. Recently I added oat straw infusion to my practice, and am now consuming about 8oz of each per day.

I have no fears of drinking these infusions long-term when done with awareness of my body’s response and seeking connection with the herbal allies. That said, I am not quite comfortable with equating drinking infusions of dried foods (in this case food herbs) to eating whole foods, as you suggest. For example, I don’t dry spinach and then create a concentrated infusion to drink, I eat the whole plant. I prefer to think of infusions as a kind of gentle water extract. (I am not an experienced herbalist, and I understand that “extract” may be a technical term, so please forgive any mis-appropriation of terms here.) Happily, I do get the benefit of some of the rest of the plant material when I eat our eggs, since the chickens get the “grounds,” which they love.

Blessings to everyone, and thanks again.


About the UTIs from sex. Pee immediately. Every time. Pour a glass of cold water down there if you "don't have to go." That little trick brought a complete halt to this particular glitch for me. Ymmv, but I never looked back.

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