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February 15, 2008



Hi Susun,
I purchased dried chickweed and dried violet after reading one of your books and decided to make infusions with them. However, I know that the 5 infusions you recommend do not include those two. Are chickweed and violet infusions not that helpful and should I do something else with the dried herbs so that I don't completely waste the purchase?

Jamie costantino

Hello Hello! I have become such a fan of comfrey herbal infusions! Started drinking them daily for a few weeks to heal this perioral dermatitis rash I get every now and then since having kids. Anyway, I purchased the one off Amazon from star west botanicals thinking it was safe but after drinking the whole bag realized it didn't say comfrey uplandica x but instead comfrey officinal. Could you please recommend a brand to purchase that you use and where you purchase it from?

Thank you so much, any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Much love,


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