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November 01, 2007


paul jones

i am a male and i suffer with this complaint i have an over active imune system so they tell me i had to be circumsisd at 24 becouse my fore skin became to tight i have been useing a strong steroid cream for some years now and it helps, but about a year ago i thought i would try to counter act my smoking habit and improve my circlation by takeing 1200mgs of garlic and 1000mgs of omega 3 after about 2 months i noticed i was not getin my normal flare up and im happy to say have had no symtoms since im not sayin its a cure but it is helping me no end so folks see what you think paul.


Hi Karen, I am writing because I was diagnosed with LS two years ago. I am considered early stage but have extreme itching, lack of lubrication and stabbing pains in my clitoral region on a regular basis. I am writing to ask about pelvic issues though. The doctors cannot find any reason for it but when i reach orgasm i have the same stabbing pain, only in my lower tummy. feels like my cervix as it is the same as when i have my papsmear and they use those pipe cleaner awfulness sticks. lol. I am awfullay concerned as I am only 24 and with the lichen already intercourse with my partner is not always easy nor pleasant but this stabbing is making me actually cry which makes it a very unpleasant situation for us both. Please help I don't know what to do.

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