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November 01, 2007


Martha Johnson

Dear Susan and sufferers of Lichen Sclerosus (LS) I am post-men and have had LS for a year now but finally went to the Doctors to find out what was making me itch/burn so badly

I am trying to find the diet I should be on. There are so many contradictions. Some say Vegan. Some say Paleo. Dr. Robynne Chutkan says Veleo. Some say yes to seeds, others say no to seeds. Same for beans, meat, fruit, etc etc. These are all well-educated, well-meaning, sincere suggestions but frankly I am very confused. I am looking into the Autoimmune protocol now. They say grass fed beef ok.

Thank you Susan for the list of herbal remedies to take internally and topically. I am going to your "store" now to purchase some and will try.

Susan, any updates on LS would be so appreciated. There is no funding out there for it because it is rare (hmmmm) and very little articles written on it. Very few Doctors with knowledge of how antibiotics, steroids, hormone creams are part of the problem rather than solution. So it's very hard to get help.

Thank you for all you do Susan. And good luck to all of you out there who are suffering.


I have LS and have been suffering badly for a couple of years. I was given Clob and was using bioidentical hormones. I am still having hot flashes but avoiding alcohol/coffee/stress helps, as well I am using clary sage oil on my feet. I was doing baking soda soaks which did help. I have been unable to have intercourse in over a year. Raw areas are not healing. I have researching, asked a couple of medical mediums but I feel torn and am always trying this or that, and maybe not any one thing long enough as I'm unsure of what is going to work. I bought chickweed oil but that stings like OMG. I will try comfrey leaves and the red clover. Has anyone been having successes? I am getting so discouraged. Cindy

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