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December 29, 2006



Stick a piece of garlic up your vagina and eat tonnes of plain yogurt. Also soak a tampon in yoghurt and insert as well (not at the same time as the garlic). Works like a charm! Also don't eat sugar, take baths in calendula and chamomile and yarrow (some salts too). Eat tonnes of probiotics and drink cranberry juice. Eat red things (raspberries, beets etc), to help stimulate your root chakra.
Drink lots of water, take Vitamin C's, ginsing, echinacia and all that lovely stuff.


SJ Nodell, have you asked your doctor about pelvic inflammatory disease? It is also a bacterial infection but if it isn't treated it can damage your fallopian tubes permenantly and cause infertility. A lot of doctors don't immediately diagnose it. You may have to have an ultrasound.

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