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December 29, 2006



I never had a problem with bv until my husband. He smokes cigarettes and the second he comes near me, I get it. Quit smoking, and don't have unprotected sex with people who do. An alkaline body is helpful, but if you don't stop the source, it will always come back. Also a heavy reliance on antibiotics, natural or synthetic, will also create problems. When I am not pregnant or nursing (rare these days) I use a zapper. Weakens all problems and gets the bad gone. Good luck!


Hello Ladies,

Bacterial Vaginosis is so frustrating, I know. I have been dealing with it for a few months now and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting somewhere good. I have been eating yogurt every day, wearing cotton underwear, taking probiotics by mouth, AND also inserting vaginal probiotic sepositories. The vaginal sepositories I think seem to help the best. You can get them at: wisewomenherbals.com. I've also been instructed to douche with Triphala. You can get the powder form of that herb at Banyanbotanicals. Steep the herb 1-4 ratio of herb to water. Strain. and then douche with liquid.

Also, make sure your diet is super clean: no sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods, no wheat, and no dairy (other than yogurt). Eat tons of leafy greens, whole grains, and clean protein. No meat. Dandelion greens are GREAT.

I shower using a tea tree oil soap.

All of this is good stuff. However, I think what is SOO important that has not been mentioned, is what our sexual relationships are like. I know for myself that my relationship has not been in the best place, but when I continue to have sex, going against the feeling of not really being fully supported emotionally by my partner, my BV flares up agains. So, with that said, make sure that your partner is in a good place too and that you two really are in the right frame of mind to be having sex. Our bodies are very powerful and if the mind and body aren't in sync, the body will react.

It also could be even simpler... maybe your partner has a really acidic lifesyle/diet... encourage him/her to have a clean diet too and maybe take probiotics with you.

I'm here for all you ladies. This has been a struggle.

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