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May 21, 2006



Excellent web site I will be visiting often.


This doesn't surprise me. I bet antibiotics can be an extremely helpful part of some people's healing through this. The trick I think is to remember it is only a part. If the IBS is in any way a result of an overgrowth of a bacteria that does damage, we have to remember we all have bacteria in our guts and this is essential to good health. While some bacterial overgrowths may come from a one time exposure, say to contaminated water, many came from possible years of stress on the digestive system, both from what we ingested and from what did not as well as mental/emotional effects. The antibios may be effective at killing of the harmful bacteria, but will also kill off the helpful bacteria, which will need to be repopulated. The antibios can give us a clean playing field to work off of, but the work is far from done. They will likely help the symptoms for a bit as you say. In addition to ensuring we have a healthy bacterial population we need to do the work to ensure we do not set things in motion again. If it is from a one time contamination we need to be sure we do not deal with it again if possible. We also need to nourish our selves from the damage that was done - we are complex beings and IBS, diarrhea, constipation, inflammation, internal battles, shortage of nutrition absorbed, etc. can do lasting damage in so many areas of our body. Deep nutrition is essential now, in a form our possibley tender systems can most easily handle. If the bacterial imbalance is from habits that are now many years ingrained we need to work, gently, on shifting these. Along the way may be some ups and downs, maybe even wise conscious use of antibios once or twice more (only if necessary please!), but it can be done. And not for waste, all we learn is passed on to the next generations :)

Karen Joy

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