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May 12, 2006



Hi my name is Katie and I have a 3 year old daughter and she is coming down with a cold. Her nose started getting stuffed up yesterday.
I wanted to know how much Echinacea(fresh root by Herb Pharm) I should give to her? Should I give her 15 drops mixed with water every hour for 12 hours?


Hello Chris, this is a tough time for most parents, especially with your first child. I know it was for me, to see our little ones in so much pain and anything we can do seems to be only temporary.

Looking back now I see this as one of many thresholds of life, one we all must go through. Our role as parent I see as comfort. Your child is growing new teeth, just as she was born, and just as she will discover herself as unique from her parents, and get her first scrape and feel her first deep grief...

The first comfort I feel we can offer is to carry our child . I think this is important at this age anyway, but moreso when sick or in pain like this. As much as she wishes, carry her. I liked a simple cloth sling for this. It will help her sleep and rest more as she will need it.

Cool things are soothing, dip your finger in cold water and let her suck, a cool spoon to suck and bite on can be soothing too. Metal naturally stays cool. Cstnip is a nervine relaxing. The bitter tea may be a shock compared to her diet of sweet milk, and honey is not appropriate for a child that age. You can make a tea or it, mixed with something else soothing like chamomile and see if she will suck on your finger dipped in it. Her gums hurt, rub them.

I have not done this, but heard that Native Americans let their children chew on twigs of willow, which is like a natural aspirin combined with the texture that is great for biting down. If I had a baby now I would try this, with bark removed of course.

All this said, Chris, 3 months is on the young end to be teething, typical is 6 months. Are you sure she is teething?

And that cup of catnip tea you are dipping your finger in? - drink it, it can relax your nerves too :) It hurts us to see our baby cry...

Karen Joy

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