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May 12, 2006



some people have told me to give my baby catnip tea to help bring out the hives, but how do you make it and how much do you give them, and for how long?

Karen Joy

Hello Katie, colds are normal and strengthening for us. For this reason I would do little to combat it, more than the medicine that comes from love and snuggling and sleep and homemade chicken broth or miso soup. ALSO, echinacea does little to fight a cold.

IF you do use Echinacea root tincture, the best amount is one drop for every two pounds of body weight. Therefore if your daughter is 30 pounds, you give her 15 drops in water. I save this tincture's use for acute bacterial infection primarily. In which case I give the amount for that person every hour for a day or two, then every 2 hours the next day or two, then every three hours, etc.

Again though I certainly would not use it in this case.

love and blessings to you both!!
Karen Joy

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