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May 12, 2006


Joy M

My son is 18 months. He has gone through several rounds of antibiotics for one ear infection in his right ear. Got recommened to ENT and went today. I am against tubes right now. I knwo ear infection can affect hearing and speech but for now I know he hears and has great vocabulary for 18 month old. Anyway, what is your best recommendation? I told her I wanted to get through allergy season before we made decision on tubes. Some puss was still in the right ear today. She changed him to Singular allergy medicine and nasonex nose spray. I want to use echinacea - how would I use it? How much? Have you heard of this?http://www.guthriestudios.com/native_herbals/eddy-ear-toddler-ear-infection-remedy.html


deshawn, I don't understand "bring out the hives". Catnip needs to only be prepared as a tea, a little herb let sit in hot water for a few minutes. It is very bitter, not sure a kid would drink it well.

Karen Joy

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