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March 01, 2009



Rhiannon, it is primarily water retention and inactivity that causes this swelling as far as I know. Moving around, even stretches in the seat bringing feet up to bottom may help. Salt intake increase fluid retention. The in-flight snacks are wrought with salt!

Oddly one would think a diuretic would help, that is soemthing that forces water out of your cells. Caffeine, as is found in coffee and many sodas, the beverages of flights, is a diuretic. But they also have the effect of taking out other minerals that are needed to maintain the proper balance of sodium and other minerals, so actually can exacerbate things.

Hydration is great, as you do, as is limiting or stopping salt intake before and during flight, as well as stopping caffeine intake before and during the flight. The excess water, without salt to bind it up, will have you getting up for the bathroom more. An inconvenience yes, but it will keep your legs moving :)

Karen Joy

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