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March 19, 2009



Gentian Violet Tincture has worked wonders for us.
and our cats.


Ringworm is usually found in dirt as it is a fungus. I have found most times that I have contracted ringworm or anyone I know has contracted it, they have cats. Cats catch ringworm very easily. If you have cats, you need to check the cat to make sure it is not transmitting the ringworm to your child. On a cat ringworm can look like dandruff, also, the hair will start to thin and fall out wherever the ringworm is present. One of the best remedies for ringworm is rubbing alcohol. Another is thyme (I would make a strong tea and just dab the spot with a cotton ball soaked with the tea or use a small poultice). Any of the antifungal herbs should work.
Good luck!

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