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January 03, 2009



I know that White Pond Lily used to be a specific for fibroids and I agree with KarenJoy that vitex/chaste tree/Agnus castus can also be helpful, especially if you have a history of tonsillitis (I know, an odd thing to say). I know Susun might find this more heroic by using the tincture, but I believe a combination of nourishing tonics and specific tinctures can be quite helpful. Wishing you blessings of the mother!


I know that Dr Mom(you can google her) healed herself of bleeding fibroids by using a slant board and wheat grass bolus' several times a day and douching with wheat grass juice.

It is in her book and she has a forum on curezone.com

I haven't had those kind of problems but you are on the right path when you take responsibility for your own health.

To thine own self be true----also means that you are being true to the ONE who created you. You will find the answers when you search for them with your whole heart:)

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