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August 17, 2008



I have a similar problem and went as far as a foot doctor. She told me to take B vitamins (worked for me). About the shoes, find some that you find comfortable. I spent lots of money on expensive ones and they didn't help, in fact made things worse. I bought a pair of simple flats that were molded with an arch support which worked wonders. Also, I was told by the doctor to never ever go barefoot, not even at home and to avoid things like flip flops or anything without a back strap. I find shoes that are overly supportive hurt me because they are not made for me so my foot is stressed all the time. They broke the mold after they made me:)


Thank you so much for the response. I am so unfamiliar with connecting on-line like this that I am just now coming on line and I saw their were three responses to my query.
I just purchased some white willow bark. I like the epsom salt bath idea. Iwill try that and let you know.

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