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December 15, 2007



I am a student of plants and can't offer nay advice on the red clover and oatstraw question you have. I am, how ever a mother and so adored my midwife. The unknown is not to be feared. Your emotions may feel overwhelming but they are just releasing energy. You are so full of life it just oozes out any way that it can. There is no need for fear. You are a woman of all women. You are strong and more capable of birth then you can imagine. There is a great book called "touching" by Ashley Montague. In those pages I read how uterine contractions are a humans way of "licking" there young as all mammals do. Each contraction is massaging and stimulating.Each contraction is primal love,caring. and instinct. If you can hold that picture in your mind and feel the womb of the goddess that you too are safe and protected in I feel that you will be o.k. with your tears and embrace the thread of life all creatures hold so dear. You are strong, capable and safe. All the love you are now showing for the safety of your child should be reassurance of what a fine mother you will be.


Hi from a Wise Woman tradition phytochemist. I would strongly disagree with the 'avoid Red Clover (RC)' during pregnancy idea - especially with the tea/infusion. I wouldn't necessarily recommend popping concentrated RC pills - I mean the ones you can buy in pharmacies, health food stores, etc. Some of these worries are based on a misunderstanding of the activities of the 'phytoestrogens' in the plant. The concentration of phytoestrogens (specifically, isoflavones) that you get in RC infusion is minimal, and certainly there has never been recorded in the scientific literature (which I read regularly) any case of problems caused by RC infusion. You get a whole lot more estrogenic activity from Soy milk or Tofu, anyway. Not to mention from the xenoestrogens oozing out of the plastic food containers and in commercial bodycare products. Maybe people should be telling us to strictly avoid plastic and non-organic bodycare products during pregnancy? Midwives have recommended RC as a nourishing tonic for thousands of years and it contains a good concentration of beneficial antioxidants which help prevent mutations and other problems in development for the baby. I say go for it!

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