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November 16, 2006



I understand wanting examples. I am not sure what to offer other than the one Susun said: A Anger: At the moment.

I am angry right now. A anger is expressed and gone within minutes. Elizabeth Kubler Ross taught us that this is the only "true" anger. A anger is the anger that I am most "famous" for: A loud-voiced urging of my helpers to get their jobs done quickly and attentively. A anger is short, sharp, and removes obstacles. It is directed at actions, not at people. It forges intimate connections and, like a thunderstorm, clears the skies. A anger is "instinctive."

It is more about where it comes from inside than what exactly is said. About how we feel, where we express in the moment, then there is not a lingering feeling of incomplete.



I would like to hear specific examples of A anger. I really learn best with specifics, and while I love all this information, I'm wondering what the good kind of anger sounds like - both so I can hear it when I do it (so I can try not to berate myself for it) and hear it when someone else does it (so I can be my fellow human's keeper and when someone is upset, be present, see what is upsetting, stay centered, and help this person through their feelings - like Justine said , nicely put by the say Justine).

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