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August 19, 2006



I just visited this blog after doing some websurfing that landed me on watching Susan's video interview.

I only got through the first 13 or so comments before realizing how long this thread is, but here is what I'd like to add:

Bravo to you all for engaging in this type of discussion. Susun's demeanor may be the topic of choice here, but what you are discussing is how people judge and tolerate one another. A WORTHY discussion in this modern world where we are easily lulled into numbness and passivity.

Also, Justine, you seem to do a beautiful job of portraying your understanding of your mother. You explain her gifts and her "shortcomings" well, although I have never met nor heard of Susun until an hour ago.

What drew me in and resonated with me was this phrase by Justine: "Most people are taught to be good, behave, which essentially comes down to lying about how they feel in the moment. She does not have this ability. Further, because most people are not honest or are well socialized, they do not tell her straight how they are feeling."

I believe we are all challenged by the difficulty of being honest and real in this society, especially when we are often unsure of how we feel. Thank you Justine for putting this into words so well.

Sending healing and blessing energy to all of you. Really.

--a wallflower

Leana Alba

Being real with oneself and others will always involve emotional energy. Emotional energy, in and of itself, is not good or bad but rather it's the 'impact' such energy has on others that determines it's value or worth. For example, Love can be manipulative (which has a negative impact) while Anger can be inspiring or liberating (a positive impact). It really depends on intent , honesty, and certainly some skillfulness. As women we need to support each other in owning our emotional truths while learning to express them with integrity and not abuse. Sometimes teachers may need to take a break from teaching or sometimes students may need to learn how to be accountable for their behaviors. Whatever the truth is for each of these encounters i commend you all for giving voice to your concerns and encourage you to be empowered in finding the balance that allows you to learn from a Master who is also a human.

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