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August 19, 2006


Sallie Cave

May 16,2010

Hello to all, I had the very fine pleasure of attending a workshop with Susun over Mothers Day weekend, yes I saw Susun yell at a couple of people but some people do not seem to get it unless you yell. I saw her tell us all the same thing and not everyone got yelled at. I learned a great deal and thought she was a remarkable woman. I would find it hard if everytime someone meet me and wanted to treat me different she can't help that some people want to treat her like she is a star. I got the feeling she was very sincere with her students but expects them to listen. I have seen some teachers who could care less what their students learned. My we all learn not to judge each other and realize we need to learn to for give each other and most of all if we do not have something nice to say don't say anything at all.




Happy new year, and thank you for sharing your thoughts here! love, Justine

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