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July 21, 2006


The Moon Mother

Wise, wise, wise! I thank you so much for the lamplight brought to my pathworking at this time! I'm about 6 years into what I thought was a pretty conscious menopausal journey, but am finding that I'd hardly begun the real work as I am feeling more like I've burrowed into the dark, damp depths of my own inner caves without the trappings of my former life to consol me! I'm not sure if I want to proceed most of the time! The life that I'd built so gloriously no longer fits (and neither do my old clothes!), I feel like a bird without a nest. My thoughts come up blank as I ponder "what to do next", a mantra I've lived by in raising a family and building a business (both of which have spun off successfully and none of which needs me to be in the daily workings of...) no longer fits. Conscious Guru's would more than likely tell me, "kudos on ya gurl, you've mad it to the expanse of Nirvana, the place of everything and nothing!". But I didn't have this as my goal in the first place, I'm not ready to die and that's what this empty place feels like. I pondered, "perhaps I'll write my life story, the exploits of my youth", but hell, I'm just the dewey side of 50!, I'm still young with the whole 2nd half of my life ahead of me....a blank slate, but ahead of me none-the-less. Daily Yoga classes, walks on the beach, pidderin in the garden, yada yada ya, this is getting old, this is a holding pattern, a place impassable in my "caving" adventure. I can't go back! Key-rist! What would I do? end up being childcare provider for my 7 GRANDchildren? I love them all to pieces but it's not a fit. Menopause Metamorphisis is a still, dark cacoon. I have no idea what is present in the opening of it, and have no idea when this "supposed opening" will occur. It is helpful tho, to hear other voices along the way, again, I thank you for your peice! The Moon Mother, Jacqueline


I loved reading this! Keep writing about this important subject.

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