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July 08, 2006



Oh I remember my "awkward" years and quite frankly sometimes I don't even know how I got through them! Always being teased, always being called ugly, and so on...I heard a very good answer for this from a movie where it was said "they are trying to steal your soul" - that may be hard for a child or teen to understand at the time but it sounds so true!


I agree that our women's bodies are sacred and whole, and if we keep them healthy, we've done alot. What I have a problem with is that when women defend their acceptance of their curves, they say "our curves are because of our ONE purpose in life--- to bear and nourish children." Thinking like that will give up our choice to the government. Thinking like that will harm our women who choose not to give birth. Thinking like that will get us kicked out of the military, out of factory jobs and back in the house shackled to the stove. Can we come up with a better rationalization to accept our fat? How about Susun's recommendation that a pre-menopausal woman gain 1 pound every year for the 10 years prior to menopause age to reduce symptoms? How about saying something like, "My extra 10 pounds of fat supports my hormone balance and keeps me happy."
Finally, all women out there who are more than 10 pounds overweight can try walking- work up to an hour a day and stick to it. Obese women are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than average weight women. It's health, not looks that we should focus on. Here's my opinion: when you are healthy and proud of yourself for yourself and not because you are somebody's mother, you will feel and be beautiful.

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