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July 08, 2006



This article really hit home with me. I am a young woman, recently became a mother, and I have battled with my weight since I was a little girl. It's really nice to read something such as this, since in my opinion it never gets talked about enough. It has been a very painful issue for me. It began with FEELING fat and ugly, and after a couple decades it BECAME an actual physical issue. Due to the constant focus around me and on me of having to look a certain way, and the rude comments I received, I internalized it all and believed myself to be a terrible ugly, fat, person. I STILL battle this same feeling, this same image. It's probably the one issue I haven't made much headway on yet. I eat healthier than I ever have in my life, and I walk, do yoga, and have a baby to tend to, yet the weight remains. Always I think if I could just drop 30 or 40 pounds I'd feel worthy of people's love and affection. Isn't that terrible?


Willow, sometimes i dont feel comfortable in my body...especially when i have to wear clothing...getting a little older, i worry about the condition of my skin, not for beautys sake but for health, also being a bit overweight causes physical discomfort...i dont wear bras, makeup, heels, hose, or anything like that...very natural, folks always think i am much younger (than what i wonder)..and alot of times a man or men will make wierd noises or loiter in the asile or make small talk trying to get a longer look at my breasts as they have gotten quite large and i dont hide with lots of layers or sweaters....when i walk with friends by breasts jiggle alot, and some men in yards and some women will gawk..some of my friends note that its not nice (not sure if they mean me or the gawkers)...but i fell like, "hell, its be kind to men day"....really we are all to obsessed with our bodies, image, sexuality, reproduction, etc..

I also had a habit of walking around my home naked or underdressed, I just really hate being constricted...I know that neighbors get an eyefull...I do better now having a B&B and try to throw a robe on...but in the past have had neighbors tell my lovers that i should put something on before letting the cat out, eg...I think, they should not look if it bothers them. reallY!

When a woman wears a pushup bra and low cut shirt and sports cleavage or has a sheer shirt with prominet nipples or pants that show off her ass or crotch i look too..figure she would not do it if she did not want to share the visual treats...its nice when men do it too...nothing better than a great pair of abs, buns, or bulging package...

I do try to not stare at people who are grossly overweight or who have a disgifurement, it is interesting and my inclination is to look, but i figure its rude and so i do best to make eye contact and smile warmly, i figure they get enough negative attention and dont need to be looked at curiously.

I do think that we all could do more to care for our bodies, not for vanity sake, but for personal health and wellbeing. I certainly could do more walking and could go to the gym more...more yoga, etc...

that is that for now, have only had four hrs sleep last night and still alot of work to do, so i better cut this one short.

I did buy a scale that measures body fat...when i bought it i had 40% body fat...the woman is supposto be between 28-32% for optimal health....a year later i now have 33% body fat...i have not dieted, have only walked when i could..but having the scale really helps...just to put things in perspective for me...I hired a personal trainer for two weeks, could not afford more, she asked me what i thought my body fat was (before i got the scale) and i said 40% she did not believe me and said that seemed high...but after her tests that is what she determined...

I dont think how much someone weights should be their personal measure of health, but bodyfat is important...too little and we dry up too much and our organs labor.

I want to live a healthy life...and will continue to do my best to make lifestyle choices to support that desire...a beautiful body comes with good health, and by beautiful i mean,

radiant supple skin
shiny strong hair
clear eyes
and a decent shape
muscles, joints, and organs that work as they should..

for me health is not,

the clothse, makeup, and adornments we wear...

my beauty products include,

witchhazel for skin,

simple shampoo and conditioner

loofa, water, sleep, good diet, hydration.

the end.

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