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March 13, 2006



pathological, that is :)


Hi there. I'm back- and pregnant again (hurrah!). And am absolutely miserable with hives on my face- they appear along the "regular" schedule of histamine release (3ish a.m. and p.m.) but are driving me right up the wall..... My mother said-"relax, hormones doing what they will- nothing for it...."

I am, of course, drinking 2 quarts of nettle at least per week, peppered with oatstraw and red clover and comfrey, etc. infusions. Basically all I drink are infusions and water. But the hives!

Any hints, suggestions? I am using a mild "tea" of chamomile and using chilled compresses of this, but results are more from the cold than the chamomile, I think. Tough sitting in a meeting and suddenly my face is covered with them- esp. along the jaw and cheeks. Hot hot and itchy....taking some time to heal as well.

Any input or suggestions welcome.


p.s.- doc appointment next week- will be confirming it's nothing patholigical at that point.

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