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August 14, 2010


Carly Franklin

By the way after taking him out of the bili lights and feeding him his bili count had come down to 8 and he had only lost 7.8 oz total during the 3 days after coming into the world. I was told he lost 11 oz in less then 24 hrs.

Gratefully yours,

Carly Franklin

Dear Susun,

I recently gave birth to a 7lb 3 1/2oz baby boy. My milk took 3 days to come in, in the mean time the doctors were pushing me to bottle feed my son. I am a young mother, 15 yrs old.

His bilirubin count was 9 and they wanted to put him under the bili lights. I was still trying to feed him breast milk but he just wouldn't stay awake. I was told that his bili count was so high because of my lack of milk. At the end of the day his bili count was 15. He spent 24 hrs under the lights. I finally took him out and after a while he woke up and started suckling again.

The day after being released from the hospital he had another appointment for a weight check they said he weighed 6lb 5oz. So I have to go in over the weekend to have him weighed and his biliruben checked (he has 8 pokes on the bottom of his feet)and if it has not come down then they want him under the bili lights.

Is there anything I can do in order to help my son decrease the amount of biliruben in his system, besides give him a bottle of formula?

Gratefully yours,

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