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July 22, 2008



Casey, hello! If you feel you have a healthy cycle there is little more you need to do. Sometimes it just takes a little time. Adding nourishing herbal infusions of Nettle leaf, Red Raspberry leaf, and Red Clover blossoms is like adding more nutrition rich foods. Still, anything new effects change. Add one a month if you wish to go slow. they will not harm certainly, and like nourishing foods can be enjoyed any time of your cycle.

If you need support with making more progesterone, Vitex berry tincture can help, though it doesn't sound like this is needed now. This does not so much affect your conception, but moreso you ability to hold it once conceived.

Some hair loss is normal, more as we age and more post pregnancy, even though so short. Other things that could effect hair loss and feet temps is need to nourish thyroid or need for better circulation. Both even can benefit from more movement and cardiovascular work.

love and blessings,
Karen Joy


Q:Hi Karen!

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 months after a down syndrome pregnancy that ended last July. The ultra sound showed severe edema so I opted to have a D&C at the end of the first trimester. It was my first pregnancy. In addition to the down syndrome, I experienced frequent spotting up until the last couple weeks of the pregnancy. I’m 30 and my husbands 40 so after our experience I’m a little concerned with future birth defects but more so with potential low progesterone levels possibly indicated by the spotting. And, although the D&C resulted in no complications other than a yeast infection after the antibiotics they gave me, I’d like to provide my reproductive organs with as much support as I can to ensure their full recovery.

I’m unsure of which herbs might be helpful to me because after charting my cycles, I’ve found that luckily, I am ovulating regularly and have a normal lutal phase. Also, my PMS is minimal and even though I’m concerned with progesterone, I don’t have any significant symptoms of PCOS that I am aware of. I am however experiencing mild symptoms that could be caused by low progesterone such as very cold feet, hair loss (very noticeable in the shower) and periodic fatigue.

I’m considering red raspberry leaf, nettles and red clover but I’d like to know when in my cycle these should be taken. I don’t want to disrupt the healthy cycle I’ve got! Also, are these herbs or other herbs helpful with low progesterone? If so, should they only be taken at specific times? I wonder because I know progesterone is supposed to spike after ovulation. Thanks!

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