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July 01, 2007


Sarah Stogryn

Back in September I made an extract of nettles (using nettles from my field & a good quality vodka)and left it to steep away. I know the obvious warnings about alcohol in pregnancy... and I consider a nettle infusion to be safe in pregnancy... what are your thoughts on nettle extract during the 3rd trimester, since I've used up all my dried nettles, and my local herb supplier is out of stock as well? I know you can't give specific medical advice - - I'm just looking for some guidelines! Thank you!


Infusions from nettle leaf are a gentle and nourishing way to approach our health. I wouldn't hesitate to use it during any time, and did use it throughout my pregnancy.

But yes, ultimately you have to decide. Won't do you much good if you are filled with fear while drinking it. :)

Wise Woman Team

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