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April 12, 2007



I had a Myomectomy to remove a cyst from my uterus. prior to the surgery i had periods that you could set a clock by, however since the surgery i have had two periods in four months and neither one was regular. Can this surgery cause you to go into menopause?

Maria Cuttle

I am 44 years old and had a myomectomy for removel of 17 fibroids in my uterus on 5 February 2009. I have had 4 miscarriages (1st Decmber 2003, 2nd July 2005, 3rd April 2008 & 4th October 2008. After the last miscarriage I decided that the fibroids had to go as all the advice I had received prior to that had been that they were not a cause of miscarriages, however I had been taking progesterone supplements, aspirin and injecting with Calxne(? not sure if correct spelling - anticoagulant) for the last 2 pregnancies and the Doctor agreed that perhaps they were causing the miscarriages after all. They weighed just on a kilo, and the largest was 670gm; I had been unable to lie on my tummy for approximately 5 years and my uterus was the size of a 4-5month pregnancy apparently. I have held a lot of anger at the loss of 4 potential children and also at the advice given me by different specialists (4 in total). I now wander whether, having had the myomectomy my fertility has now been affected, being that we have not conceived since the op, and my periods from a lifetime of 28/29 day cycle are now irregular (sometimes 34 day, sometimes 24 day). This of course has thrown out all the ovulation prdictor tests I have been doing too. Obviously my husband and I are concerned at the time factor as the biologiacl clock is picking up pace and it may be that we may not be successful in conceiving let alone carrying to term. Do you have any advice re treatments etc. Can a myomectomy cause infertility? (this is not something I had thought to as my surgeon prior to surgery. I hope to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you in anticipation.

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