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October 16, 2006



There are taoist meditation methods for stopping menstruation. That's supposed to prevent practitioner from loosing life force and let her use that energy. It's supposed to make one younger, not stop menstruation like due old age. I have two books "Healing love through the tao" and "Art of bedchamber" but they're complicated :/. I think the problem is that these are either translations from chinese (art of bedchamber) or written in english by chinese (healing love). Just language problems. Excersizes themselves doesn't seem to be that complicated once I actually understand what they tried to write, heh.

Maybe since there are so many women here who want to stop their menstruation for health we could all read up on this and discuss? Maybe someone will understand better than I do and explain it to me? Please, lol xD.

Chapters about stopping menstruation are about solo practices. I understand (I think, duh) microcosmic orbit (that's just moving energy around in whole body). Then what about this ovarian breathing thing? Is it the same like microcosmic orbit, just I'm supposed to start with ovaries and draw energy from there?

CW - Looking for hope...

My Functional Medicine Doctor had me to try 'Estidol" (not sure of the spelling) cream. It made things worse. The clots got bigger.
Before all of this, last year, my periods were with only 1 week off, now I get no weeks off. It was light to medium for the first 7 days, then the next 7 days it would be super heavy with large clots. I had to be hospitalized many times last year.

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