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June 10, 2006



Have you tried anything to help you conceive? Any of the suggestions above? I am unclear if you never took contraceptives or only did after getting married a year ago. I am unsure what would make our bleeding watery, though do know it can change through time. My favorite way to learn more, if there is not something that seems more pressing needing faster attention from medical tests, is using the Feritlity Awareness Method. You can read some on this at www.gardenoffertility.com. This can help you grow closer with your cycles, get to know better when to time conception, and help diagnose some possible concerns.

Karen Joy


I have got a question , I am trying to conceive but my memses are very waterly and does not even have period pains as it used to be before marriage. I am wondering if it is a problem of the uterus . Help Its now six months since I tried . I did not use an contraceptive pills or injections in the pasts . Till I got married last year . And that was the first time of trying to conceive.

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