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April 07, 2006



Hi Karen,
I cannot believe I have not been here since June! I guess that is good :) I am writing now as I would like your opinion on a dilemma I am having. Last month during my cycle, I had a relatively good period! Hooray! I have been taking the Vitex capsules daily since I wrote you. However, the odd thing was that after the 5 day flow, the breast swelling & tenderness did not go away for about another week or so. Usually, that subsides when the flow starts. I expected my period 2 weeks ago Monday(10/26), & that same day was when my symptoms of contracting the swine flu presented themselves---high fever, aches etc.I ran the high fever that day, low fever the next 2 days, then after the 3rd day I had no fever, but no energy & was still achy after that. I am now 16 days after my first symptoms & my period has still not returned...my breasts are not swelled or sore either, & that is usually my tell tale sign that my flow will be coming shortly.I am about to order Susun Weed's book that you mention above :)
Thanks for your reply.


It may be, that is if this is due to a need of more progesterone. Again though if you are looking for something to bring you to how you once were - amount of cramping, cycle length, blood flow - there may be nothing sufficient. You arae changing. This is normal and natural.

Know when I speak of Vitex I am speaking of Vitex berry tincture.

You can do other nourishing things, like increasing ways you love your body, exercise, especially yoga like strengthening and stretching to open up the whole pelvic area, eating more whole grains and beans and seeds and nuts, Red Raspberry leaf infusions to tone uterus, kegel exercises, etc. - any of these that have appeal rather than feel like a chore or a route to battling your natural change.

lots of love,
Karen Joy

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