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November 01, 2007



I have LS and have been suffering badly for a couple of years. I was given Clob and was using bioidentical hormones. I am still having hot flashes but avoiding alcohol/coffee/stress helps, as well I am using clary sage oil on my feet. I was doing baking soda soaks which did help. I have been unable to have intercourse in over a year. Raw areas are not healing. I have researching, asked a couple of medical mediums but I feel torn and am always trying this or that, and maybe not any one thing long enough as I'm unsure of what is going to work. I bought chickweed oil but that stings like OMG. I will try comfrey leaves and the red clover. Has anyone been having successes? I am getting so discouraged. Cindy


Hi Karen, Thanks for your info. I'm post-men. My lichen schlerosis was extremely itchy, and developed to cracking and major discomfort. My nurse practitioner suggested I try estradiol/ testosterone internal/external cream, estradiol insert tablets, and progesterone, more D vitamin,& kelp or NOW vits. Thyroid Energy. A naturapath suggested, candidastat, omegas, zinc cream, & acidophilus pills. I try to keep up with it all. I find that sugar makes me start tingling, along with bread. I think it's related to allergies. Also try to eat lots of salads, greens, vegetables in general. Try not to eat proteins (meats/beans) and starches/grains at the same time - check out OHI raw diet for food combining and OHI exercises for lymphatics. All of this has helped - much more comfortable - no more itching and cracking. How do you prepare the comfrey spitz bath - do you boil the water first then let the comfrey leaves soak overnight, or do you boil the leaves in the water? How do you know if burdock in deep-dug or not. can you get this at herb shops? Thanks, J.

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